Vincent Freeman

Creative Professionals of Vermont was started in 2017 as a tool for businesses, bands, and individuals to find creative professionals in the area to fulfill any creative needs. This website features a wide roster of creative professionals from Craft Artists to App Developers. Do you need someone to photograph your products, a new website for your business, or album artwork for your newest CD? Browse through our many categories and portfolios to find the right person for the job.



Founder // Audio Engineer


Hi, I am an audio engineer, but have tried just about every creative profession found on this website. Once I realized I couldn't do it all I decided to create this website, to build a big collaborative hub for Creative Professionals in Vermont to display their work.

Founder // Photographer


Hello, I am very excited to be involved with this project to learn and share with everyone in this wonderful state. I have met many creative people in Vermont and always wanted a way to connect everyone with each other. Vermont 4 lyfe

Kristy Burrell

Founder // Artist


Howdy, I am a Vermont native and have been artistic my whole life. I'm excited to be involved with this community and connect fellow artists with each other to grow and learn from each other.