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Janet Zug

Zug Glass Studio


In addition to the finished pieces available on my website, I also offer custom work and glassblowing "lessons" Lessons are an individual hands-on glassblowing experience to create a piece of your own. Lessons are generally offered in May and again from November thru January.

Born in 1968, I started blowing glass in 1990 and established Zug Glass in 1992. Over the next 12 years I rented other artist’s studios to create my designs and worked as a studio assistant for a variety of classes in Penland, NC and Corning, NY. In 2004 I installed my own hotshop in my home in Vermont.


Tunbridge, VT


Wide Optic Series
Shots and Cordials
Custom Lampshades
Cosmo in the Glory Hole
Dimples Series
Amphora Hanging Vases
Ornaments, one style